It’s not too Late for Summer!!! My MALAPASCUA ISLAND ADVENTURE…….

After I arrived at Cebu last March 24, 2014 from Lexington, Kentucky…after experiencing a very cold weather it is just right to have a grandeous summer vacation…but for me it did not happen so soon, my supposedly Dapitan trip got cancelled last May 17, 2014 since it was our fiesta celebration, and as a tradition/beliefs Iam not allowed to go somewhere else at this time of the year to avoid accidents. Well, as an obedient daughter I had to cancel my trip.  However this did not stop me to beat summer, so I planned out to push through with my plan B, going to Malapascua Island, I asked my colleague and seatmate, so we planned for this trip and even invited four other friends, but due to some personal excuses only two of us made it.  And I am just right of pushing through the plan, I have met an old time friend and gain two more.After a 5 hour island hopping and snorkeling with 2 of my gay friends and 2 new ones...

After a 5 hour island hopping and snorkeling with 2 of my old time friends and 2 new ones…

So, On May 24, 2014 I have to wake at 5:00 AM to prepare for myself and be ready with the 6AM meet up with my colleague at Cebu North Bus Terminal, a 15 minute travel from my place without traffic by taxi (paid Php80.00).

From the North Bus Terminal we rode  a 6:30 AM schedule on a Non-aircon Bus at Php163.00 fare for a 4-hour trip going to Maya port. (You have to make sure that you are riding a bus with signage Maya via Kawit or via  Bagay.  Aircon bus would costs Php180.  There is an alternative which is the V-hire that would cost also Php180 and would only take you 3 hours since it won’t make any stop overs or pick ups.  (Well, I just knew about this when my new friends informed me about it). Anyway, after a long ride we arrived at the Maya port at around 10:30 AM, good thing 50% of the Bus passengers were going to Malapascua, so we need not wait for the pump boat to be full, so we arrived at the island at around 11:00 AM (its more of a 30 minute pumpboat ride from Maya port to Malapascua Island), and fare is at Php80.00, when we arrived at the island it was low tide so the pumpboat can’t dock on the shoreline, a motorized boat will have to pick us up from the pumpboat and drive us all the way to the shoreline( another Php20.00 fare).

Prior to this trip, I was able to book an airconditioned room good for two, and with a common bathroom, not that fancy but it was comfortable, Im already fine with the airconditioning considering that day was extremely hot. Not so worried about the common bathroom since there were plenty in that floor, and if I were to estimate there were only two rooms occupied.  By the way we stayed at Malapascua Legend, they have have this budget rooms and the cozy ones. I love the big swimming pool though, that is why I choose this resort. And free breakfast is available too. Since we are on a budget we opted to walk from the shoreline to out resort, i thought it was just a few meters away, but it was far, say one km away, considering the sand was really hot and it was also very difficult walking on the sand, but walking was worth it just passing by the very inviting sea water, can’t wait to settle in my resort room, change outfit and deep into the blue waters of Malapascua. Another thing, you need not book in any resort prior if it is not a peak season, as there were a lot of availalable rooms cheaper than what we have.  You just ahve to ask locals who are willing to show you the choices and ofcourse some packages on what to do around the island.

Malapascua’s huge swimming pool

Budget rooms at Malapascua Legend…

Malapascua Legend’s facade…

After a short rest and change outfit, we roamed around the island to look for a restaurant, but most of the restaurants are the expensive ones, good thing I was able to recognize an old friend who was also in the island for a vacation together with two other friends of his invited us to join them on the snorkel and island hopping tour, and ofcourse recoommended as a restaurant just fit for out budget. Well, it was fit on our budget, but the food was not that great and the service was really poor, I spent around Php125 for this with Coke, ice, water, sweet and sour fish, chicken wings and rice) , I consumed 1 liter of coke, just imagine how hot that day was.

So after eating, we went to the motorized boat that was waiting for us on our next adventure the island hopping and snorkel, this was the peak of my vacation to Malapascua, I was able to sea the wonderful school of fish, well not really went deep into the waters becasue my snorkel was not cooperating with me plus the fact I don’t know how to use it, but swimming around the waters with my life vest on was fun, we went also to this island where the Old Japan Ship reck can be found its like a history under water, we went also to the diving site, but upon looking how high the place to jump, we said NO to our boatmen, we still love our lives. lol….By the way the package just cost us Php350 each and snorkling gear already included.


With new friends onboard for the island hopping and snorling…

Showing off my back…Aw….the view I mean….

On the waters……for snorkling….

A lovely sunset, through rough waters summarizing our island hopping for the afternoon….

After the fun tour, the group decided to just set back and enjoy the afternoon at the seafront, taking pictures, eating, drinking and exchanged funny stories…

Since the sun was already down and cold night started to scatter all over the place, the group decided go to our resort rooms, took a bath, changed outfit and rested for a while… then we met at a barbecue station just by the beachline were we had our dinner, it cost me Php105 for a pork and chicken barbecue with two hanging rice “puso” and an 8 ounces Pepsi, and water was for free. After dinner, we went to Amihan, a bar and restaurant just right in front of the Island, we just chilled, talked, took pictures and ofcourse enjoyed the free wifi… waiters served as unlimited ice cold water….it was a nice tambayan just to chill out and let time pass. Since the restaurant closes at 10:00PM, we then decided to call it a night and went to our individual hotel rooms and rested.

The next morning, we enjoyed the beach and get ourselves tanned or say dark? hehehhe

Anyways, by 3pm, there was already a boat just infront our hotel resort waiting for passengers going back to Maya port.

And oh before I end this post, here is my famous jump shot!!! hehehe

Malapascua Island 05.24.2014


Expenses: Taxi (Home to North Bus Terminal)  – Php90 Bus (North Bus Terminal to Maya Port) – 163 Motorboat (Maya Port to Malapascua Island) – 80 Small boat (transports from the middle of the island to the shoreline) -20 Accommodation (Malapascua Legend-budget roomw/aircon (common T&B) – 900 Lunch – 125(Coke, sweet and sour fish,chicken wings,water, ice) Snorkeling (with boat and snorkels)- Island hopping – 350 Dinner – 105 (barbecue, pepsi,rice) Lunch – 80 Boat (Malapascua to Maya Port) 100 small boat (middle of see to port) 20 Bus ride (maya to Cebu)  163 Total – 2196



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