A Dream Come True…

No kidding, but when I was a kid I had always believed that continents around the world were located in different planets, after I get my education and learned everything about the world…and then I started dreaming, dreaming that one day I’ll travel around it and had been eyeing for long the land as they called it “The land of Milk and Honey”, the United States of America. And finally after my 31 years of existence into this world I was given a chance…well, thanks to my current employer who believed that I am right for the job…and everything just went into its right place….. But you can’t just simply be in the US without passing through the hassles of getting your Visa…the good thing all the processing had been taken cared of by our local travel agent in the company, but of course you must be present during the interview…and so I was scheduled to fly to Manila for my  Visa interview…believe it or not from the time I received my schedule its like I have been thinking about it, will the consul believe in all I say, will he grant me my Visa…all these things bothered me until the time I stepped on the US Embassy in Manila. The good thing I had a very relaxing night prior to my interview, and I was accompanied by a very good friend… Below is a view I had from my hotel room at Trader’s Hotel and a quick pose with my friend who stayed with me during the night (oh, can’t find the pic for this pose, anyway just the view will do) , admittingly I always needed company, can’t sleep in a room alone… =( 1174844_10202109630366066_788795339_nSo, On September 4, 2013, I headed to the US Embassy, can’t believed of how clear the outside of the embassy is opposite on what you see inside, full packed with people, some were sitting but many were already standing as the chairs provided by the Embassy could not accommodate everybody…so, it this the crowd everyday? So these are a great number of dreamers ok….I arrived at the embassy exactly 8.30 AM, and believed it or not I was out by 11.30AM already, the interview only took 5 minutes but the stressful waiting period was not a joke, plus the fear that you might be denied, plus hearing some denied people crying, shouting, it adds to the fear and nervousness…But thanks God, He answered my prayers…it was a YES!!! not just a big YES, but a 10 year multiple entry…Hurray!!! And because I was overjoyed, after checking out at the hotel I headed to Baclaran at Our Mother of Perpetual Help church and offered my prayers….. US of A!!! Here I come!!!!!  =) Will be drafting my journey to the land of milk and honey….hope I’ll give justice to the great experiences I had…. =)


About deehum

I'm a sports enthusiast, volleyball and badminton has always been a part of me. I so much love travelling....I love life and I always choose to be happy...I had also my share of heartaches....I once was in search for my one great love, someone who will share his life with me,I never thought God finally has let our paths crossed , life for me now is more beautiful, more smiles and greatly embracing it!!! =)
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