Let’s Get Started!!! =)

So, what triggers me to start writing my thoughts? Blame it on boredome and being loveless… lol… ( got to change this, I’m no longer loveless, I finally meet the man of my life… )

Anyway, the moment I decided to see the world, it has always been my desire to write about it, the places I went, the people I’ve meet, the food that I’ve tasted, just everything I have experienced, and I want to share this to my families, friends and people who might bump in my site and read about it….

It was 2009, when I started my journey and until this time I have not stop and maybe when I have my own family I will continue this journey with them, and to finally see the whole world…wishful thinking yeah, but who knows… *wink*

And by the way, in every places I go and when the right situation permits I always have this happiness pose….the overrated jumpshot!!! Yeah, just like the one below…..

Paoay 10.15.2012


Hopefully I’ll sustain this writing thing, and continue to share all my jumping stints!!! Happy reading!!! =)







About deehum

I'm a sports enthusiast, volleyball and badminton has always been a part of me. I so much love travelling....I love life and I always choose to be happy...I had also my share of heartaches....I once was in search for my one great love, someone who will share his life with me,I never thought God finally has let our paths crossed , life for me now is more beautiful, more smiles and greatly embracing it!!! =)
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