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It’s not too Late for Summer!!! My MALAPASCUA ISLAND ADVENTURE…….

After I arrived at¬†Cebu last March 24, 2014 from Lexington, Kentucky…after experiencing a very cold weather it is just right to have a grandeous summer vacation…but for me it did not happen so soon, my supposedly Dapitan trip got cancelled … Continue reading

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A Dream Come True…

No kidding, but when I was a kid I had always believed that continents around the world were¬†located in different planets, after I get my education and learned everything about the world…and then I started dreaming, dreaming that one day … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Started!!! =)

So, what triggers me to start writing my thoughts? Blame it on boredome and being loveless… lol… ( got to change this, I’m no longer loveless, I finally meet the man of my life… ) Anyway, the moment I decided … Continue reading

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